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Our Story:

Welcome to Utrópico Real Estate!

Thank you for choosing us as your trusted agency. We are a Dorado-established real estate company specializing in luxury and investment properties around the island. Utrópico Real Estate was envisioned when our founder personally experienced the uphill process of finding the perfect home for her family in the competitive market of Dorado. Therefore, the desire to improve the real estate experience in Puerto Rico with reliable inventory information and quality service was born. These would later translate into creating a company that would reflect higher standards and a warm, welcoming environment for our clients.

With every transaction, we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations with personalized one-on-one service. This tailored service approach means we listen attentively to their needs, personal desires, and lifestyle choices before coming up with a selection of curated properties. We also provide our clients with vast and reliable information about the market for a better decision-making process. Being a locally established company has allowed us to navigate each transaction fluently. By using our strong, rooted connections in local agencies and top specialists, we can guarantee a swift transaction. 

Let us upgrade your real estate experience and indulge in our fine, tropical living!

Meet our agents:

Rosángela Rodríguez Vélez

Rosángela Rodríguez Vélez

Real Estate Agent, Lic. # C-22644

787-366-8397  |   [email protected]

Rosángela Rodríguez is our founder, the visionary behind Utrópico Real Estate. She is an active member of the Dorado/Vega Alta community where she lives with her husband and two kids.

Rosángela is known for her optimistic spirit, focused determination, and passionate personality. As a leader and natural, calculated risk-taker, Rosángela was able to accomplish significant milestones in her career. You will commonly find her searching for the next big opportunity and analyzing every aspect. For her, every roadblock represents an opportunity to challenge herself and learn something new. She will always find a way to make things happen no matter how difficult they may appear. A true miracle worker!

For more than a decade Rosángela has worked as a chief pharmacist and pharmacy store manager. Her love for real estate sparked early in her career. With the opportunity to manage the operation of various local independent pharmacies, she was able to get involved in the purchase, permits, and renovations of some commercial properties and most recently a residential property. These experiences helped her start and shape her real estate career. Her vision is to lead in the ever-changing real estate industry and create a space for customers to meet their needs with the most ease.

“Through every step, my client will feel guided and informed about the local market, and the best opportunities to make an educated choice. Our business is achieving each client’s needs through the purchase of a great investment property or their dream home in a trusted, comfortable and discrete environment.” Rosángela says.