Sep 4, 2022

Rosángela Rodríguez Vélez

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Rosángela Rodríguez is our founder broker. She is characterized by her optimistic spirit, focused determination, and passionate personality. Creating strong bonds of trust with her clients and a tailored service has always been her number one priority. Being a true leader at heart and a calculated risk-taker by nature has helped Rosángela accomplish big milestones in her career. You will commonly find her searching for the next big opportunity and analyzing every aspect. For Rosángela, every roadblock represents an opportunity to challenge herself and learn something new. She will always find a way to make things happen no matter how difficult they may appear.  Rosángela is a true miracle worker!

Rosángela has worked for more than a decade as a chief pharmacist and pharmacy store manager. Her love for real estate sparked early in her career. With the opportunity to manage the entire operation of two local independent pharmacies, Rosángela was able to get involved in the purchase and renovations of some commercial buildings. She has also been involved in the permit and construction process for a residential property. Her vision is to lead in the ever-changing real estate industry and create a space for customers to meet their needs with the most ease.

Rosángela was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She has lived in different parts of the island including, Aguadilla, San Juan, Dorado, and Vega Alta. Her education includes a Medical Technology Bachelors degree and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus. Rosángela is fluent in Spanish and English.